Uniform and Gear Guide

Every Scout needs a Uniform shirt. At the minimum, a uniform has the Council Strip, the Troop Numerals, and the Scout’s badge of rank. The World Crest, Honor Unit, Patrol patch and activity patch are optional, but encouraged. Every shirt comes with the American Flag. Look inside the cover of your Scout manual for correct positioning of patches. Scout shirts are available at the Scout Shop or online at www.scoutstuff.org. You may also purchase uniforms at the Scout Office located at  12500 N IH 35, Austin, TX 78753 (phone 512-926-6363).
Each Scout needs to have his own camping gear. There is a list of personal gear can be found here. Each time your son packs for an outing, he should check this list to be sure that nothing is forgotten. The choice of gear is strictly personal, based on cost, size of your son (leaving “growing room” by buying big, or buying cheap, expecting to replace as he grows, etc.) and personal gear preferences. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. This is a field in which “experts” have many differing opinions. At the minimum, each Scout needs a sleeping bag and rain gear. The troop has a few packs to loan, especially for smaller Scouts, so that you can postpone buying until he grows into a pack that will fit for a few years. A tent is a nice addition, but many of our Scouts have 2 man tents that can be shared if you do not want to purchase at this time. Have your son ask his patrol members. The troop has a few tents that scouts can borrow. We do have complete patrol cooking gear. Your son should have his own eating utensils. There are many places to buy camping items. BSA sells camping gear at the Scout Shop and online. Academy, WalMart, and Target have inexpensive gear. REI and Whole Earth Provision in Austin have very nice high-end gear.