The Boy Scout program is built around advancement. The requirements are found in the Handbook where all records are kept for a Scout’s progress toward rank, so it is important not to lose it. After a rank is achieved, the record is maintained in the Troop database, and at the Council office. New Scouts should focus on working toward the rank of First Class. Work on Merit Badges is permitted, but not encouraged for new Scouts. When a Scout completes his requirements for the next rank, he asks for a Scoutmaster’s conference. If the Scoutmaster believes that the Scout is ready, he will call for a Board of Review. His work will be reviewed, and if he meets the standard, he will receive his rank advancement. He will be recognized for advancement at the next available opportunity. Approximately three times a year we hold a Court of Honor to formally recognize rank advancements with scouts, parents, and family in attendance. Rank advancements are recognized and Merit badges are awarded as well as any special awards.
To work on a merit badge, a Scout must first ask permission of the Scoutmaster.  The Troop has a list of counselors who regularly counsel badges. The boy may request another adult (such as a teacher, coach, etc.) to be his counselor. If any parent has special skills and would like to help counsel merit badges, please volunteer. This is a great opportunity to help. All Merit Badge counselors within the troop must be registered with BSA. All YPT guidelines must be met during counseling sessions.  A parent cannot counsel his own son in any merit badge unless he is part of a group that is earning the badge. After a counselor is chosen, the Scout has the responsibility of calling the counselor and asking to work on the badge. When the counselor is satisfied that the work is complete, he signs the blue form, and the Scout returns it to the Scoutmaster, who turns it in to our Advancement Chair. For a list of merit badges and their requirements, go to
Once a scout achieves, Eagle rank, he is encouraged to continue to earn Palms.  The official requirements for Palms are given at the following link:  Troop 127 interprets “active in troop and patrol,” “Demonstrate Scout spirit,” and “demonstrate leadership,” to require a minimum of one campout per quarter,  and attendance to 50% of regular troop meetings during a quarter.  The scout should be demonstrating leadership and scout spirit when attending these events, and not merely biding time.  Any deviation from this requires approval of the Scoutmaster.